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Aero Dimpled Road & Disc


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Zipp 303, 404, 454 NSW & 808 recreation with using the same top-end Toray fibre - just more of it in the places that count!

45mm Tubeless Ready Clincher

45mm Tubeless Ready DISC

58mm Tubeless Ready Clincher with new dimple pattern & "CuttingEdge" brake pattern (see pic)

58mm Tubeless Ready DISC (see pic)

58mm Tubeless Read "NSW Style" rim brake. See HERE for review of the original.

80mm Clincher (special order).


These rims hit all the targets required for a fast wheelset you can use for most events.


Choose these over standard Aero50 & 60 if you want dimpled rims. The braking, durability and dynamics are so similar that in real-world use you will be hard-pushed to sense or measure it - yet they are slightly shallower in each case so less surface area for the wind to catch. The 80mm dimpled rim is an outstandingly fast rim and superb for fast stage racing, TT and Triathlon use. Wind tunnel proven aerodynamics and stability.


These rims are lighter than Zipp. For example a pair on DT240s hubs with Sapim CX-Rays and BRASS nipples that won't corrode or seize is 1540g including tape and 10sp spacer!

Our hubs are Taiwanese. They are lighter & more reliable than Zipp and we carry all spares, all the time.

They are now available in all axle widths for 6-bolt disc fitment.

Shimano free hub bodies for all hub choices are 11sp, with spacers for 8/9/10sp supplied.

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