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The e-Scooter



These little beauties are just the job for the forthcoming legislation change.

 • Only 11.5kg.

• Folds in seconds yet strong enough to take a 100kg 'scooterer'

• 350W motor / 15mph. More power than a Specialized Turbo Levo!

• 270Wh battery - 15 miles between quick charges

• LED headlight and rear tail-light 

• Upfront real-time Power & Speed display

• Mechanical disc brakes – more than adequate and great for kink-free folding. 


Here's an update on the LAW.


Get ready for the new scooter revolution. Nip to the offy, up the Asda, down the pub etc:- as soon as you're allowed on the road, you'll be beating the traffic jams with no sweat attached.


This one is more svelte than those 5x the price. No sharp bits to catch your Pradas on and it could be a life changing purchase for the price of a Halfords "garage wall hanger" city bike.


Note that for the time being, this product is NOT permitted for use on all UK roads, some cities are OK. If outside of the UK, please check your countries law on electronic scooters before using on public roads.