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Carbon Airbox Scoop for Toyota GR Yaris



This is a replacement for the restrictive airbox scoop for your GR Yaris.

Allows more air in, and a noticeable increase in grunt, boost and pshhhht noise from turbo. Works very well with DTUK St1 and St2 tuning boxes or equivalent and/or panel filter, but can be used on its own. All wide-band lambda checked and is not harmful in any way.

Simply remove the old pipe and inlet scoop (which is popped in place by plastic fasteners), and replace with this. Replace the front most plastic fastener, as shown in pic.

Use the cable tie to block off the little pipe onto the airbox as shown in pic.

Please note: this is made entirely by hand with 220g/m2 3K twill laminated over a former. To keep costs in time consuming finishing to a minimum, please expect some irregularites in the finish - especially the underside which isn't seen. What you see in the pics is the finish to expect.