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Wheelsmith Decal Set



Fully laminated UV and Solvent resistant vinyl decal set available for all wheel sets:


Black with white wire frame

Red with solid white

Blue with solid white

Celeste (Pantone 533) with solid white

Celeste with solid black

Lime Green (Cannondale and Hope: Pantone 375) with solid black

LARGE black stickers with white wire-frame letters for deep section rims or sponsor pack.

LARGE stickers now available in clear with black text - on one sticker.

LARGE black stickers available in separate letters, similar to ENVE.


Sold in sets of 9 stickers - 2 for each side of each wheel & a spare in case you mess 1 up.

Easily applied, keep everything clean and stick them on. Mid point of sticker marked.


If enough people want a custom colour, we'll do them.